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China's Liaoning province. Now experts are wor▓ried about the fate of the remaining animals. "I'm afraid that the tigers will die one after another because of malnutrition

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and cold weather. If we don't help these poor an▓imals as soon as possible, we will lose the best t▓ime to save them," said Hua Ning, project director▓ of the International Fund for Animal Welfare China. The ▓Shenyang city government has allocated 5 million yuan ($732,000) for rescuing the remaining animals and ▓anothe

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r 2 million yuan for resuming the Shenyang Forest Wildlife Zoo's normal operation, Zhang Jinghui, spok▓esman of the city government, said at a press conference on Sunday. The situation at the zoo was exacerbated o▓n March 9 when workers went on strike over back pay. "We ▓haven't been paid for 18 months. We love animals,

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but we ca▓n't make a living," a breeder named Zhao told Chin▓a Daily. The zoo has had to use office workers to fee▓d the animals. "Even if some amateurs do it, I don't think they will do it well due to a lack of professional sk▓ills and knowledge," said Zhao. After checking the condit▓ion of the remaining tigers, Zhang

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Xiwu, a director-general with the State Forestry Administration, said the tigers▓ are doing well. They will invite experts to create a proper diet for the tigers to ensure their health. Elev▓en tigers died at the zoo between Nov 11 last year▓ and Feb 27. "No matter who deals with the issue, we▓ hope they give priority

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to solving real problems.▓ Give workers their pay, then the tigers will be fed and▓ their environment will improve. Otherwise, there is not even anybody to clean the crates," said Zhao. According to Wu Xi, a deputy head of the zoo, the 11 tigers died of diseases like renal failure and heart failure in the past three

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months and two others were shot dead in Nov▓ember 2009 when they attacked a zookeeper. "I believe four reasons are being blamed for the death of these tigers. The▓ first is that the tigers were kept behind iron bars i▓ndoors instead of being allowed outdoors, which prevent▓ed them from exercising and keeping warm. The s

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econd is food shortage. This long and chilly winter also wor▓sened the situation. Lastly, I have to say, our zoo i▓s poorly operated," Wu said. One public institution in M?/p>

  • 坋xico has come up with a down to earth way to educate children about the environment. A day at the zoo can be great for kids. One zoo

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  • in Mexico is helping kids to learn more about the animal exhibits and conservation. It encou▓rages children to ask questions thr


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ough interactive games.At Guadalajara Zoo in Mexico the "Central de Investigacion Animal" or Animal Research Centre is an interactive▓ research centre. It's a place where

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atic People's Republic of Korea, where many believ

kids can learn about animals and environmental issues.The zoo's administrators believe the best way to educate people abo▓ut environmental issues is through games and ot

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her in▓teractive modules. That's the philosophy and mission ▓of the interactive museum.Visitors to the Central de Investigacion Animal, or CIA, get an ID card. Playing of

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ter months. One day six years ago, she held two

f on t▓he museum's shared initials with the American Central Intelligence Agency, visitors become "Special Agent Z008".Chinese mainland actress Sun Li will start the nat

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ional tour of a photography exhibition as an advocate for stray animals at the Xidan Joy City shopping center in Beij▓ing on Friday.Website Sina reports that the exhibit

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ion "Take Me Home," which includes photos of stray animals, Sun Li nurturing animals, and photos from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Hong Kon▓

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the adoption of street cats her job. The more str?/h4>

g, is a public call for concern for stray animals.On the f▓irst stop of the tour, additional activities will be▓ held. Visitors will be invited to sign a petition to refu▓

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se to eat cat and dog meat or wear animal furs.Sun's photo a▓lbum, "Take Me Home," will also be released at the▓ opening. Proceeds from the sales will be donated to Beiji▓ng

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Human and Animal Environmental Education Center for stray animal rescue.The exhibition in Beijing will▓ last until the end of the upcoming National Day holiday.Zhuo told, "When

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did not believe that the Chinese would come▓ to Africa to protect wildlife. Some people even thought that all Chinese liked to buy ivory... But actions ▓speak louder than w

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, Kenya's▓ capital, located the Maasai Mara Eco system, which i▓s home to approximately 25% of Kenya's wildlife. On the vast land of over 25,000km in territory, live more t

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and brought them home. Xu then spent a sleepless night  caring for them. S he gave these two cubs milk an d su▓gar every two ho urs, and the t wo cubs thrive d thanks to her care. Up u ntil now, one of these two cubs rem▓ains active among t he growing num ber of cats th at Xu keep s▓.Smuggled elephants return homeExpert s worried abo▓ut 比如县5G 四子王旗5G 广元市5G 肥东县wap 16.河南省5G 苍梧县5G 义乌市5G 华安县5G 宁乡县5G 大化瑶族自治县wap 喀喇沁旗5G 黎平县wap 富川瑶族自治县wap 博野县5G 聊城市5G 彭州市wap 辽宁省5G 宁化县wap 龙山县5G 宜宾县5G 1.76倚天精品传奇私服 热血传奇私服手机版发布网 新开传奇私服1.85玉兔 变态单职业传奇私服网站 如何架设传奇私服网络 传奇私服架设网站 传奇私服脱机外挂免费版 冰天传奇私服加速挂 新神器版本传奇私服 新开1.76复古传奇私服网站